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Yasir Muhammad works as Operations Manager with We Grow Forest Foundation. He is a Civil Engineering Consultant by profession, working with various clients in Indian Operations and the Middle East to provide engineering advice and technical solutions on different projects. The profile involves multiple tasks, including coordinating teams, preparing documentation, and developing project plans. He works with clients to assess their needs and translate them into designs, equipment, or new systems. Yasir manages project timelines from the initial concept stage to completion and oversees all developments.

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He attends meetings with clients, architects, appropriate authorities, and other stakeholders as deemed essential to create a good rapport with them to fully understand their requirements, provide accurate solutions, and provide them with progress updates along the way. He is often labelled as an adventurer and an artist, as he enjoys living in the moment and loves experimenting and exploring the natural environment. He is mostly drawn to creative pursuits and aesthetics, which is usually reflected in his professional work as he sees the world in technicolour. He has strong interpersonal and project management skills, works effectively in a fast-paced environment, and is proficient in using computer software.


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