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Syed Ali is a seasoned professional with an impressive career spanning over 25 years in management consulting, distinguished by his unwavering commitment to environmental causes. Currently holding the role of Secretary to the Board of Trustees at We Grow Forest Foundation, Syed is a key influencer in steering the organization toward its goals.

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As Secretary, Syed plays a crucial role in providing impartial advice and strategic direction to the Managing Trustee, the Board of Trustees, Advisory Board Members, and the Executive Management Team. His focus is on upholding the organization’s activities with the utmost integrity, and ensuring compliance with the highest standards of accountability.

Simultaneously, Syed takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer at, where he directs worldwide digital initiatives. In this capacity, he supervises the creation of websites, oversees hosting, and implements social media strategies for clients spanning India and global locations. Syed’s proficiency in digital management further extends to spearheading the development of web applications focused on promoting the reduction of carbon emissions.

Syed holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Kerala. His international collaborations with the United Nations on various projects underscore his dedication to addressing global environmental challenges.

Throughout his illustrious career, Syed has been recognized for his award-winning leadership, playing pivotal roles in the growth and development of non-profit organizations. In his current capacity, Syed channels his exceptional management and administrative skills toward the mission of We Grow Forest Foundation. Here, he strives to leave a lasting legacy, contributing to a greener and better world for future generations.


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