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Dfactory - Master of Signages


Shajahan has been in the signage business for over 32 years. He decided to start signage business in the early 90s after realising the potential of the industry and the demand for quality signage services. Shajahan’s Dfactory signage business provides a wide range of services, including designing, manufacturing, and installing signs for businesses, events, and public spaces. The business specialises in creating custom signs, including outdoor signs, indoor signs, vehicle graphics, and promotional materials such as banners and posters. Dfactory team of designers and technicians work closely with clients to create unique and effective signage solutions that meet their branding and marketing needs.

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Dfactory signage business relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business from satisfied customers. Dfactory signage business aims to become a leading provider of quality signage services all throughout Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The business is focused on expanding its customer base and increasing revenue by providing exceptional service and innovative signage solutions to clients. Shajahan is a skilled entrepreneur who has built a successful signage business by focusing on customer satisfaction and innovation.

Signages are the forefront of any business. Whether you are offering quality products or services, well-designed and constructed signage is a sign to your customers that you are serious about your core business offerings. Dfactory has been the leading innovator in Signage & Print Industry for the last 32 years in Thiruvananthapuram. Having worked with clients from a diverse range of industries, Dfactory can help you achieve your signage requirements and objectives at affordable investment costs.

Dfactory offers a wide range of signage solutions and ensures that your businesses display their best to their audience. Whatever your requirements are, Dfactory uses only quality materials appropriate to signage requirements and budget. Dfactory’s innovative developments are inspired by the latest technological scenario in the International Advertising and Signage Industry. Dfactory has equipped itself with the most advanced and modern technology in Signage Industry, along with a trained, highly professional staff. Being the master of signages in Kerala, Dfactory believes in providing a one-stop solution to all business branding needs.