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Born into a family of teachers, Parthan always had the urge of explaining things to people, whether they liked it or not. But as he slowly grew up to become an entrepreneur and film-maker, the teacher within him also grew to become more bothersome to people. From taking workshops on filmmaking and film appreciation to moderating talks on branding and communication, Parthan always tried to make a point in matters where sought. When not making tall statements on gender stereotypes, He runs Sravia, a legacy business which makes creative content and devise communication strategies for brands.

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The birth of Sravia – It was the year 1980 when Advertising was defined in crude terms and was boiled down to just two concepts and three versions of it, giving only vague ideas to people regarding what they sell. J.B Mohan, a young researcher at the University of Kerala and a scriptwriter for radio dramas at the All India Radio Station, stumbles upon a few of the radio ads run by the station and decides to do a better job at it. Hence SRAVIA was born.

SRAVIA became the bellwether in the advertising arena with our initiation into radio, the most popular media of the time. We published radio campaigns for big names like Malayala Manorama and Kerala State Electricity Board, which soon became household songs. With timely upgradation and migration to other media: Television in 1987, Print in 1992, Outdoor by 1999 and Digital in 2014, SRAVIA kept pace with changing trends and technology and succeeded in capturing the zeitgeist of the time. Soon, we evolved as the superior player in Branding and Marketing.

Upgradation & Migration – After more than forty years of experience to account for; SRAVIA has transformed into a name to reckon with in the advertising field in Kerala, with close to 4000 campaigns under its belt, winning more than 20 National Awards for Excellence in Advertising for major brands both in India and around the world.

Parthan joined Sravia Advertising Ltd as the Creative Director in 2009m and since then, has been playing a pivotal role in moulding a new face of SRAVIA. He holds the helm as the chief strategist and head of operations. He has several years of experience as a qualified film-maker and as a producer with more than 330 live-action AD films.



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