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Mathangi S R works as Operations Associate at We Grow Forest Foundation. She oversees all the planting activities of the organisation. She is very virtuous in working with individuals & organisations in building forests and ensures goodwill among all the stakeholders. Mathangi consistently strives to improve business operations and process efficiency for We Grow Forest Foundation.

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She is associating with the We Grow Forest Foundation because of her real passion for environment conservation, especially trees. She is very much into sustainable habits and loves planting and nurturing flora. She feels peace of mind by seeing and feeling the pristine wilderness. Mathangi is an undergraduate student in BA Sociology at Kerala University. She is committed to helping people make practical changes at home, in businesses, and communities by giving sound advice regarding nature’s contributions. Mathangi is an ardent lover of world cinema and is also a good photographer. She coordinates and leads outdoor activities of We Grow Forest Foundation and has actively participated in various environmental projects conducted by forest conserving NGOs and other independent groups, primarily working to restore greenery in urban areas.


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