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Anjali Asmi is one of the founder trustees of We Grow Forest Foundation. Anjali works as the Director of Education and Publications. As the youngest member of the foundation, she understands the organisation’s resource constraints and the importance of building up a team that accelerates growth. Anjali is genuine about making a positive impact in people’s lives through her work and is excited to drive this by being in We Grow Forest Foundation.  

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Anjali is pursuing her Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication at Mar Ivanious College, Thiruvananthapuram. She is very passionate about utilising her writing skills to encourage more people to stand up for the environment. Anjali volunteers to work with support groups for children and youth during her spare time. She loves travelling to nature, values new ideas innovation, and believes that the youth in the country are the real change-makers. She is currently the Kerala State Council Member of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI), supporting a massive group of women entrepreneurs. She is also the Member Trustee of Environmental NGOs of India.

Anjali is a natural teacher and is very earnest about teaching. She loves being in the non-profit sector to be an agent of change and to help impact lives for the better. When she is at home, she can be found holding forth on the latest movies or huddled in a corner with her Kindle. Anjali is a foodie, likes to teach, and loves trekking and playing with her twin sisters.


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