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We Grow Forest Foundation

UNEP -GPML Member | WICCI - Member | Trustee
Content Creator | Solution Architect | Researcher
NGO Activist | Happiness Cultivator
Social Consultant | Humanist | Daughter


Ms. Aarsha Asmi Syed, an esteemed Member Trustee of the We Grow Forest Foundation, plays a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s objectives. Recognized for her steadfast dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship, she has earned acclaim for her expertise and passion for sustainable living. Actively involved in the field, she is esteemed as a member of UNEP-GPML, bolstering her global standing in sustainable practices.

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Since the foundation’s inception, Aarsha has served diligently as the Content Developer for its digital platforms, contributing significantly to managing its social media presence. Beyond her prowess in content creation, Aarsha is deeply engaged as a Sustainable Practitioner, earning accolades for her proficiency. Her association with UNEP-GPML underscores her commitment to advancing sustainable practices globally.

Apart from her environmental endeavors, Aarsha’s influence extends across diverse sectors. She holds the position of Director at Webrand.tech, a digital firm specializing in website development and social media management. Furthermore, she leads an Education Company called The PhD Help India, providing support to students from the 6th standard to PhD level. Aarsha also holds notable roles as a Kerala State Council Member at WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and ALL (All Ladies League), showcasing her dedication to promoting women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Born into a distinguished family, Aarsha is the daughter of Syed Ali and Dr. Meera Asmi. She shares her lineage with her twin sister Aarsha Asmi Syed, elder sister Anjali Asmi Syed, and youngest sister Alisha Asmi Syed. Additionally, she has a foster sister, Gayathri Sairam, who shares her passion for societal change. Aarsha’s lineage includes esteemed grandparents, such as Syed Abdul Khader and Sulaikha Beevi on her paternal side, and Padmanabhan Vaidyan Thankachan (All India Radio) and Prof. B Leela (Retired Principal of The Govt. College for Women – Thiruvananthapuram) on her maternal side.

Ms. Aarsha Asmi Syed continues to lead and inspire the pursuit of a sustainable and ecologically sensitive future through her multifaceted roles and contributions. Her unwavering commitment and visionary leadership are invaluable assets to the We Grow Forest Foundation and the broader environmental movement.


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